J-Biz for Workplace Course

This course is designed to provide participants with fundamental knowledge and understanding of basic Japanese business manner in order for them to work smoothly with Japanese companies and harmoniously interact with Japanese businesspeople.

This course in conducted twice per year:

  • 1st : July – August (on Saturday only)
  • 2nd : November - December(on Saturday only)

Three core parts of the content:

i. Basic Japanese Language at Workplace ii. Japanese Basic Manner in Business

a. General understand on Japanese language
b. Basic Japanese conversation

a. Basic manner: theory and practice
b. Japanese-style customer care

iii. Basic Japanese-style Management  

a. Self-management: Daily time management, PDCA, 5-times why analysis
b. Reporting, sharing information, and consulting (HO-REN-SO)
c. Japanese style management for sustainable high productivity (5S & KAIZEN)
d. Case studies and group discussion
e. Site visit to Japanese companies


At the end of the course, participants are expected to:

  • Be able to use Japanese greeting and other general conversation in workplace.
  • Understand the different between Cambodian and Japanese business culture and manner.
  • Be able to demonstrate manner in greeting, interview, and in various situation with Japanese people.