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13th May, 2022



To welcome the new fiscal year, we would like to update the CJCC Business Training Schedule in 2022.

6th Jun, 2022~10th Jun, 2022



In order for business leaders to continue to survive and sustain business growth, it is critically important to learn the basic strategy concepts and frameworks. Also, it is an advantage to learn cutting-edge topics such as digitalization of work, AI application into business strategy, data-driven decision-making, venturing, how to craft a business plan &/or a pitch deck, and other practical topics.

21st May, 2022~22nd May, 2022



In response to the significant impact COVID-19 had on SMEs, Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center (CJCC) is sponsored by Khmer Enterprise (KE) in cooperation to design and provide a program to support the target participants under the theme, “Intensive Capacity Development Program for Entrepreneurs” with two major training courses:

26th-27th Mar, 2022


Past Event

We would like to introduce you to the Virtual Job Fair 2022 which is organized by CJCC. This is the best occasion for companies

Benefit of Membership and Eligibility of membership

Eligibility of Membership

CEOs, Directors or company’s or organization’s representative of a legal entity can apply for the membership of CJBI regardless of nationalities, genders, colors, religions and political tendencies with the recommendation of a member of the Board of Directors or Executive Committee. All the CJBI members shall abide by the laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Cambodia and Japan as well as CJBI’s statute, internal regulations and decisions.


Becoming a CJBI member, you will be able to get: 

  • Business Matching and Networking Opportunities
  • Learning Opportunities
  • Business Related Information
  • Social Contribution
How to become member

To register with CJBI, applicants have to submit some documents as following: 

  1.         Application form
  2.         Valid certification of a company/an organization

                 2-A. Company’s registration with the Ministry of Commerce   
                  2-B. Valid patent

*If your company is not registered in the Ministry of Commerce, please submit only 2-B