24 JDS fellows successfully completed the Japanese language course from CJCC

10th August, 2023

24 JDS fellows successfully completed the Japanese language course from CJCC


The Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center (CJCC) held a graduation ceremony on Wednesday for 24 officials from various Cambodian government institutes who successfully completed a six-week Japanese language course. The officials are among the selected candidates for the Human Resource Development Scholarship by Japan Grant Aid in Cambodia (JDS) project of the Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE).

The JDS project is a prestigious scholarship program that offers opportunities for young and highly capable Cambodian officials to pursue a master's and Ph.D. degree in Japan and to enhance their leadership skills and expertise in their respective fields. The officials will depart for Japan next month to enroll in different universities.

The Japanese language course, which was conducted by CJCC in partnership with several government institutes, such as the MoLVT, MoC, MoH, MoEYS, NBC, MPWT, MISTI, MoEF, MoWRAM, MoE, MCS, The Senate of Cambodia, MFAIC, MPTC, aimed to equip the officials with the necessary language skills and cultural knowledge to facilitate their academic and social integration in Japan. The course covered basic communication skills, grammar, vocabulary, and cultural aspects of Japan.

Ms. Chanreaksmey Im, an official at the National Bank of Cambodia and one of the JDS fellows of the 23rd batch, delivered a speech on behalf of the graduates. She expressed her gratitude and appreciation to CJCC and the Japanese lecturers for their support and guidance during the course. She said that she learned a lot about the Japanese language and culture, such as food, traditional clothes (yukata wearing), and etiquette. She also said that she felt more confident to use her Japanese skills when she arrived in Japan.

Mr. Nimorl Seang, Deputy Director of CJCC, congratulated the graduates for their hard work and dedication. He also wished them success in their studies and future careers. He said that after completing these two courses, everyone will be able to use the Japanese language in Japan, such as ordering something, greeting, and finding the way home by themselves.


CJCC is proud of the achievements of the 24 candidates who completed the six-week training and graduated on Wednesday. CJCC also congratulates them on their selection for the JDS project and wishes them success in their studies and future careers.

CJCC would like to announce to more government institutes, as well as private companies and organizations, to join our Japanese language training program, if required. CJCC offers various courses and programs for individuals and organizations who want to learn or improve their Japanese skills. Whether a beginner or an advanced learner, CJCC has something for everyone. You can choose from short-term or long-term courses, online or offline classes, groups, and more. You can also enjoy various cultural events and activities organized by CJCC throughout the year.

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