Becoming an Effective KAIZEN Leader

22nd Apr, 2022

Becoming an Effective KAIZEN Leader

We would like to announce that CJCC will host Mr. Sy Vanna (Senior Manager of Human Resource Development Department). He will conduct a physical class at CJCC on 22th April, 2022, under the topic “Becoming an Effective KAIZEN Leader”.

In this course will provide you all the benefits from CJCC E-Learning for self learning on 2 contents:
- KAIZEN General

Topic: Becoming an Effective KAIZEN Leader
Date: 22th April, 2022
Time: 8:30 am- 4:30 pm (Cambodian Time)
Course Fee: 50 USD
Language: Khmer

Location: CJCC
Special offers
  • 5$ discount for 15 early registrations
  • Special offer for CJCC membership of EN/CJBI/CJAP, pls contact to Biz Telegram
For more information:
Phone: 098 333 033 / 099 918 191

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