Keieijuku Program

10th Oct, 2022

Keieijuku Program

Promoting Entrepreneurship and innovative Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are important for the sustainable development and growth of Cambodia’s economy. Aiming to achieve upper-middle-income status by 2030 and high-income status by 2050, the Royal Government of Cambodia has improved a business enabling environment as well as promoted entrepreneurship and innovation among start-ups and SMEs. 

CJCC propose to organize a special training program for high-level executives - Executive Program call KEIEIJUKU. This program is designed with the aim of improving the capacity of SME owners and business leaders in Cambodia to grow their businesses and to be ready for business partnership so that they can lead Cambodia

1. Training Activities
The training contents and activities of the KEIEIJUKU are build on the basis of the needs of business owner in Cambodia. The program is:

It is critical for business owners and executives to acquire essential business skills and tools from our Japanese and local experts during the training to ensure the growth of the businesses.

Our experts can assist participants in navigating the challenges of growth with their insight advice, guidance, and practical experiences.

Local Company Visit:
The visit is to provide the opportunities for business owners and executives to apply their learnt knowledge in the way of helping each other to solve their current companies’ issues.

Business Study Tour to Japan:
Business Study Tour to Japan is a tour for KEIEIJUKU participants to learn success and failure stories from businesses in Japan. Participants could eye witness and ask Japanese business owners/executives on how they operate and sustain their businesses.

2. Program Information
KEIEIJUKU is build for the high level of executive of Business Owner, CEO and Director in Cambodia within other organizations.

  • Tuition Fee: 2,000$ (This tuition fee remains because of support and sponsor by JICA)
  • Location: Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center (CJCC)
  • Training: 6 Subjects (3-days training)
  • Personal Consultation: (1~2 hours after class ends)
  • Local Company Site Visit
  • Language: English and Khmer
  • Business Study Tour to Japan: (8-days)

For More Information: 

Tel: 099 918 191/098 333 033 (Telegram: 098 333 033) 


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