Please check the availability of the room with CJCC staff. Then, fill out the reservation form and directly submit it to CJCC staff or send it by fax or E-mail, at least, three (3) days prior to the date of reservation. The application form can be obtained at CJCC Reception desk, download from CJCC website, or make a request to CJCC staff by phone or E-mail.

Please apply for CJCC rental membership at CJCC library (admission fee is USD 50/year).

We accept payment by Cash, Check, or Bank Transfer.

Yes. Please deposit 50% of your renting fee before your event day, and the rest is required to pay on the day of your event.

Please directly contact CJCC renting team.
Email:    Phone Number: 012 789 699

Yes. Please see the rates of cancellation below:
A). 2-7 days before the date of reservation 50% of room charge.
B). 1 day before the date of reservation 75% of room charge.
C). Day of your reservation: 100 % of room charge.

Yes, we accept your booking if the room is available. We will charge as Normal Rate, not the Discount Rate.

Note: CJCC reserves the right to cancel the reservation and/or end the on-going event if there is any evidence or suspicion of possible verbal or written attacks on any political party. CJCC takes responsibility for any loss caused by the cancellation or the termination.