Keieijuku (Executive Training Program)

13th May, 2022



To welcome the new fiscal year, we would like to update the CJCC Business Training Schedule in 2022.

6th Jun, 2022~10th Jun, 2022



In order for business leaders to continue to survive and sustain business growth, it is critically important to learn the basic strategy concepts and frameworks. Also, it is an advantage to learn cutting-edge topics such as digitalization of work, AI application into business strategy, data-driven decision-making, venturing, how to craft a business plan &/or a pitch deck, and other practical topics.

21st May, 2022~22nd May, 2022



In response to the significant impact COVID-19 had on SMEs, Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center (CJCC) is sponsored by Khmer Enterprise (KE) in cooperation to design and provide a program to support the target participants under the theme, “Intensive Capacity Development Program for Entrepreneurs” with two major training courses:

26th-27th Mar, 2022


Past Event

We would like to introduce you to the Virtual Job Fair 2022 which is organized by CJCC. This is the best occasion for companies

Keieijuku (Executive Training Program)

1. Statement of Needs

Promoting Entrepreneurship and innovative Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are important for the sustainable development and growth of Cambodia’s economy. Aiming to achieve upper-middle-income status by 2030 and high-income status by 2050, the Royal Government of Cambodia has improved a business enabling environment as well as promoted entrepreneurship and innovation among start-ups and SMEs. In this connection, promoting and developing Entrepreneurship and SMEs in Cambodia is also one of CJCC’s missions. Since its inception, CJCC has provided numerous programs and training pertaining to networking development and capacity building, such as CJCC Accelerator Program (CJAP), Entrepreneurship Program, and Business Training with both Japanese and local experts. While current programs have done an excellent job of providing capacity development for startups and corporate staff, there is still a knowledge gap to fulfill for business owners who are operating in the growth and expansion stage. With that in mind, CJCC proposes to organize a special training program for high-level executives – Executive Program.

2. Purpose of the Program
  • Goals: To be the go-to SMEs Hub that connects and empowers business owners and high-level executives to be competitive in Asian  market
  • Objectives: To improve the capacity of SMEs owners and leaders in Cambodia to reach ASEAN standard so that they can lead Cambodia business to the International market
3. Details 

Target participants 
This program targets 20 business owners, or high-level executives or managers of a company. At this moment we do not narrow the scope of our program to target any specific business sector yet. Hence, business leaders from any sector are welcome for this program. The target for business for the Executive Program are the businesses in the growth stage and expansion stage.

CEO or equivalent (Cambodian Nationality)
Company with at least 3 hired employees