Mr. YUGE Yasuhiko

Yuge san

Mr. YUGE Yasuhiko

Chief Advisor, CJCC

CJCC was established in 2004 by JICA to develop and enhance human resource capital of Cambodia and to strengthen cooperation between Cambodia and Japan. Since its establishment, CJCC has been a symbol of friendship and goodwill of the people of Cambodia and Japan. I appreciate the extraordinary efforts of all the committed Cambodian colleagues.

The objective of CJCC is to provide “Ba” which means “the Meeting Place” to Cambodian people, and provide three pillars of services which are Human Resource Development Courses, Japanese Language Courses and Cultural Exchange Programs.

CJCC welcomes those who are

  1. Cambodian entrepreneurs, prepares for entrepreneurs and business persons.

    Find out the key to Japan’s economic success. 
    Learn how to launch your own new business, to brush up your management skills or to solve your facing problems directly from the experts including Japanese business persons.

  2. Cambodian and Japanese business persons.

    CJCC provides Business Networking Activities, which include variety of supports and coordinate the business matching between Cambodian and Japanese business persons, especially SMEs.

  3.  Learners of Japanese language and culture.

    Find a variety of Japanese language courses from the course for beginners to the class aiming at higher certification. We also have a lot of joyful events, activities, and festivals open to the public.

  4. Students considering studying in Japan

    Visit CJCC library and website, and get more information about Japanese Universities and Institutions for enrollment, scholarships and student life in Japan. Join “Study in Japan Fair” to meet and consult directly with professors and officers of a lot of Japanese universities and institutions.

  5. Private companies originated from Japan

    Boost your business by establishing your new subsidiary or factory in Cambodia. CJCC supports you from a human resource point of view such as staff training after recruiting. We are happy to tailor our service to fit your special needs.

JICA has provided various assistance in Cambodia. “Human resource development” is one of the most important areas of JICA’s assistance in Cambodia. CJCC is expected to strengthen the function of the hub in cooperation with various private and public sector stakeholders. We are very happy to provide “Ba” to Cambodian people and Japanese people.

Finally, I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your support to CJCC. We are very glad to have your participation in our activities and to assist in realizing your “Dream”.

Thank you.