Become a member

Registration & Membership

Students and the public can be a member by simply attaching important documents and filling up the application form at the library counter. You will get a membership card a week after registration.

1. Important Documents Included:
  • Student identification or citizenship identity card or passport (copy)
  • Recent photo (4cm x 6cm ) (within 6-months period)
  • Membership photos will be taken at the library.
2. Membership fee
Fee (USD)
Normal Price (Foreigner)
Cambodian (non-students)
Cambodian Students (other universities)
Cambodian Students (RUPP & CJCC)
Cambodian (under 18)
Foreigner (under 18)


  1. Membership card is valid only for 1 year.
  2. CJCC Students / participants are entitled to use the library without a membership card for a limited number of times (students will have to apply for a membership card to continue using the library).
  3. If your membership card is lost, please immediately notify the librarian. $2 is charged for a new membership card.
  4. Kindly inform the librarian if there are any changes in your status, such as new address, telephone number, etc.