Rules and Regulations

Library Rules and Regulations

1. Working Day and Hour

Monday to Friday :  7:00am – 5:00pm  
(Closed on Wednesday every two weeks, refer to the library calendar)

Saturday to Sunday :  8:00am – 4:00pm

*For holidays and days off for any special occasion, announcements will be posted on CJCC website.

2. Registration and Membership

Students and the public can be a member by simply attaching important documents and filling up the application form at the library counter. You will get a membership card a week after registration.

2.1. Important Documents Included:
  • Student identification or citizenship identity card or passport (copy)
  • Recent photo (4cm x 6c​​​ ) (within 6-months period)
  • Membership photo will be taken at the library.
2.2. Membership Fee
Fee (USD)
Normal Price (Foreigner)
Cambodian (non-students)
Cambodian Students (other universities)
Cambodian Students (RUPP & CJCC)
Cambodian (under 18)
Foreigner (under 18)


  1.   Membership card is valid only for 1 year.
  2.   CJCC Students / participants are entitled to use the library without a membership card for a limited 3 times (students will have to apply for a membership card to continue using the library).
  3.   If your membership card is lost, please immediately notify the librarian. $1 is charged for a new membership card ( the same date as an old one)
  4.   Kindly inform the librarian if there are any changes in your status, such as new address, telephone number, etc.
3. Using the library
3.1. Entering Library
  • Please show your membership card to the librarian when you enter the library. Students without membership cards cannot use the library or borrow books from the library.
  • If you forget to bring your membership card, please fill up the “Using library application form”
3.2. Reading Books in the Library

Members can read any books or documents in the library. After reading, please put the books or documents at the “Book Return Corner” (not at the bookshelves)

3.3. Borrowing Documents or Books
  • Only CJCC members can borrow books. You can borrow only 2 books at a time for a duration of 2 weeks.
  • News, reference books, dictionaries and AV are not allowed to borrow.
  • Borrowers must check the books for lost pages or damage before borrowing. If there is any damage or lost pages, the borrower must take responsibility.
  • The borrower must pay a deposit before borrowing the book from the library. (The deposit of one Khmer book is 10,000Riels, 1 Japanese or English book is $5.) You can withdraw your deposit when the book is returned.
3.4. Returning Books

Please return the loaned books on time or before the deadline.

3.5. Fine

1,000 Rials per day is fined for each book which is not returned on time.

3.6. Reserving Books or Documents

If the desiring books are borrowed, the borrower can reserve the books by filling in the application form at the librarian counter. The librarian will inform you when the books are available.

3.7. Copy

Please contact the librarian when you want to use the copy machine. (Please see the table below for more detail).

Price (riel)
2,000 Riel / hour
Printing from Internet (Black and White)
500 Riel / 1sheet / A4
Printing from Internet (Color)
2,000 Riel /1sheet / A4
Copy document (Black and White)
200 Riel / 1sheet / A4
400 Riel / 1sheet / A3
Copy document (Color)
1,500 Riel / 1sheet / A4
2,500 Riel / 1sheet / A3
3.8. Information Counter can:
  • Answer the questions that relate to studying in the library or finding documents.
  • Help to find the reader’s needed documents and to search for information.
  • Gladly answer all the questions about the library by phone or E-mail.
3.9. Requesting new books

The users can apply for new books / documents that are not available in the library. Please fill in the “Applying for new document application form”, and then hand it to the librarian.

3.10. Caution

Things that can not be taken into the library (please place and lock in the lockers beside the library counter).

  • Shoulder bag, satchel, handbag and black plastic bag.
  •  Camera and recorder (such as: CD player and radio… on).
  •  Scissors or knife.
  •  Foodstuff, umbrella, wet raincoat or things that can damage or affect the documents.

The reader must follow some regulations below:

  • Do not take the library’s books outside the library without permission or filling up the “Borrowing application form”. 
  •  Do not move or change the position of any equipment or material in the library.
  •  Do not eat or smoke inside the library.
  •  Do not write, fold, stain or tear the pages of the books in the library. 
  • While using the documents, materials, equipment, and computers, please take good care of public property. If there are any damages or losses by intention, the readers will have to pay for those.
  •  Please always keep silent. 
  •  Do not leave your belongings on the reading table; the librarian will not be responsible for any loss.
  •  Turn off your phone, turn to vibration or silence upon entrance to the library.

Those who take the material /book out of the library without permission will be regarded as stealing property from the library and will be punished to pay the price of the books/materials and will not be allowed to enter the library again.