Nature Cafe

Nature Café

Nature Café was launched in July 2011, and officially began its operation  on 16th February 2012. Nature Café has been operated by CJCC staff, and is located inside the CJCC building. Nature Café’s main purpose is to care for our customers’ health by providing various kinds of healthy food and drink.

Nature Café provides Japanese-Cambodian taste food such as NC Ramen (NC Noodle Soup), Sandwich, Curry Rice, Omuraisu (Japanese Fried Rice), Misoshiru (Japanese Miso Soup), and Saradamaki (Rice with Fish and Vegetable).

We are open from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday to Sunday. With the fresh atmosphere and green environment, Nature Café is a great place for students, guests, and the public to have healthy and tasty food and drink. 

Besides serving food and drink, Nature Café provides catering service to customers who use CJCC renting services. We are planning to extend and improve our services to fulfill our customer’s needs.

For more information, please check our Facebook Page.