Seasonal Activities

8th Apr, 2022

Culture & Education

Past Event

CJCC celebrated Khmer New Year to welcome the upcoming Khmer New Year 2022. CJCC had not celebrated Khmer New Year for a few years due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Therefore, this celebration was a very long-awaited and exciting occasion for all CJCC family.

Setsubun Day

Setsubun (節分), which means “Seasonal Division in Japanese is an event that happens on February 3rd, a day before the beginning of the official spring  season. Setsubun was accompanied by a number of rituals and traditions held at various levels to drive away the previous year’s bad fortunes and evil spirits for the year to come.

CJCC Japanese Children’s Day

Children’s Day is a Japanese seasonal celebration which happens on May 5th, and CJCC celebrates this day every year. We fold origami, paint and draw Koi fish, and enjoy Japanese sweets called “Chimaki (ちまき)” and “Kashiwamochi (柏餅)” during this event.

Khmer Rice Cake Class

Rice cake, which is sticky rice preserved with pork and mung bean or banana wrapped in banana leaf and boiled and pyramidal ones, is offered during the Pchum Ben festival because it can be stored for a long time.

Taiyaki Class

Taiyaki is fish-shaped Japanese sweets and, it has been eaten since more than 100 years ago. When we make Taiyaki, we use special machine to bake. This is similar to pancake, and there are many flavors for Taiyaki, such as red bean, custard cream, chocolate and maccha. In this class, we made custard cream Taiyaki. Participants enjoyed cooking Taiyaki very much.