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[Main Pillars] Since its official operation in April 2004. CJCC has been providing quality trainings and upgrade human capitals with international standard in order to respond to the labor market needs and socio-economic development in the country, while strengthening and expanding mutual understanding and cooperation between Japan and Cambodia through the three main activities: (1) Human Resource Development Courses, (2) Japanese Language Courses, and (3) Exchange Programs. All courses are lectured by qualified, experienced and competent Japanese and Cambodian lecturers, and other foreign experts to ensure that trainees will acquire specific skills, relevant knowledge and practical know-how, that enable them to manage their businesses more effectively and to engage in the current changing and more competitive business market in the region and the globe.

[Other Services] Besides the three main pillars mentioned above, the center also provides support and coordinates networking activities including business matching and business study tour for Cambodian and Japanese investors and business owners. In Dec 2015, Cambodia-Japan Association for Business & Investment (CJBI) was established. CJBI functions as a networking platform where Cambodian and Japanese businesspeople can meet, share, learn, connect and grow together. Moreover, you can also enjoy many other services at CJCC including facilities and rooms with different sizes that can accommodate from 20 to 500 people, library, catering and Nature Café in a refreshing atmosphere.

[Stakeholders] It is worth noting that all the great achievements made thus far would not have been possible without unconditional continuous supports and contributions of many committed individuals and organizations. Seizing this opportunity, I wish to express my high appreciation and sincere thanks to all stakeholders including the Embassy of Japan, JICA and JF in Cambodia, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, the CJCC's Steering Committee; former directors, chief advisors, coordinators, experts, lecturers and all staff members for their strong leadership, management, commitments and dedications.
With a high appreciation for synergy, CJCC has become a popular hub and an important symbol of friendship and goodwill of the people of Cambodia and Japan. The center is proud to annually welcome nearly 200,000 visitors, Cambodians, Japanese and other nationalities. To maintain this momentum, we strongly believe your support and cooperation are indispensable.


KHIM Leang

Director, CJCC

CJCC is an important symbol of friendship and goodwill of the people of Cambodia and Japan. I appreciate the extraordinary serious efforts of all the committed Cambodian colleagues since its inception, April 2004. As CJCC is under Cambodian ownership, I am happy to work closely with all CJCC associates as an advisor.

The objective of CJCC is to provide “the Meeting Place” to Cambodian people who eager to develop themselves to enhance business capabilities learning through Japanese knowledge and experiences.

In order to meet your requirements, CJCC provides three pillars of services for business sector development, “Human Resource Development Courses”, “Japanese Language Courses” and “Cultural Exchange programs”. And furthermore, each pillar relates to each other in order you to acquire realistic business practice. CJCC can also provide specific training course for your own needs.

In addition, “Business Networking Activities” are provided to you and includes vast variety of supports and coordinating “Business Matching between Cambodia and Japan business persons”. You already know that CJCC provides the essential services at the timing of your business life span.

CJCC always welcomes all of you especially those who are
1. Cambodian entrepreneurs, preparers for entrepreneurs and business persons.
Find out the key of Japanese economic success. You can learn how to launch your own new business, to blush up your management skills or to solve your facing problems directory from the experts including real Japanese business persons. You will also meet a lot of new friends who also possess high ambitions.

2. Learners of Japanese language and culture.
Learning foreign language is to expand your view for the world.
To communicate and talk with people using words. Everything starts from here.
You will find variety of Japanese learning course from the course for beginners to the class aiming at higher certification in Japanese language at CJCC. We also have a lot of joyful events, activities, festivals opened to public.

3. Students considering studying in Japan.

Visit and register at CJCC library. You can get more information of Japanese Universities for enrollment, scholarships and student life in Japan. Join “The University Fair” to meet and consult directly with professors and officers of 10’s of Japanese Universities.

4. Private companies originated from Japan.

Wants to boost your business by establishing your new subsidiary or factory in Cambodia? CJCC supports you for Human resource point of view such as staff training after recruiting and business networking. We are happy to tailor our service to fit your special needs.

Finally, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to your continuous support to CJCC. We are very glad to have your participation in our activities and are happiest to assist to realize your “DREAM”.


Thank you.

Yoshifumi Onishi

Chief Advisor, CJCC

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